Chatty Cathy is a musical experiment comprised of a collection of intimate experiences regurgitated by means of storytelling through lyrical gossip. Since its conception in late 2006, founding member Kortland Chase has enlisted the aid of drummer Alan Takaoka, keyboardist Ryan Miller, and bass player Jon Ozaksut, rounding out the current lineup. The song structure and writing style have been ever evolving with the growth of the band.

Chatty Cathy's striking dynamics, hermetically sealed grooves, slow-burn musical foundations, and soaring, searing vocal style can be closely depicted by combining the technical articulation of bands such as Soundgarden, Shiner and Shudder To Think, with the thematic sensitivity of Bjork, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead, the static melody of Failure and Hum, and the brash, raw intensity of At the Drive-In, Quicksand and Refused. Chatty Cathy swings far enough from each of these influences to create their own unique perspective on the emotive nature of dynamic rock music.

In its short existence, Chatty Cathy has shared the stage with Office, Riddle of Steel, The XYZ Affair, Apteka, and Roman Numerals at numerous venues including the Double Door, the Bottom Lounge, the Beat Kitchen, and Martyr's just to name a few, in and around the Chicagoland area.

Chatty Cathy released a self-titled EP in 2007 (mixed by John Congleton) and offered it for free on their websites as an offering of infections musical gossip. With the addition of a bass player, the sound began to manifest positively, prompting the necessity for a new recording. Chatty Cathy is prepared to release their three song demo titled "The Church & Steeple Demo" and independently tour regionally with plans to get back into the studio to record a debut full length early spring 2009 followed by extensive touring with optimal label support.

Chatty Cathy has segregated itself by way of amalgamating technical articulation, compelling dynamics, and popular song structure, lending to an aural experience listenable enough to bob your head, and unique enough to halt inane bar banter.